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We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019

Purbeck Cup 2018/19

Purbeck Cup

Bovington v’s Sandford 9/5/19


The final score was 6 – 7 to Sandford for the next round of the Purbeck Cup football Tournament last night. Bovington played amazingly as a team, supporting and encouraging each other. It was such a close match with some extremely near misses.  Very impressive goal keeping from Leo, Callum and Samuela. A huge thanks to Ryan Humphries for refereeing.

Goals scored by Leo, Jaq, Caeden, Harrison and two for Callum. Well done boys!
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Wednesday 16th January 2019

Wool Primary v Bovington Primary   2 - 4


We kicked off the new year with a win against Wool Primary.  Well done boys, a great start to 2019.



Bovington v's Bere Regis -  2 - 4

An excellent match to end the first half of the Autumn Term.  Bovington worked hard as a team and stayed positive through out the match.  A great start to the Purbeck Cup.  Congratulations to Bere Regis.

Friday 19th October. Bovington v's Bere Regis 2 - 4

Our first Purbeck cup match is coming up.  Have a look below for all fixtures and rules.

Group 2 Fixtures 

Fixture 1 to be played by 19th October 

Bovington v Bere Regis 

Wareham St Mary v Sandford 

Wool Primary - No Match 


Fixture 2 to be played by 16th November 

Bere Regis v Wool Primary 

Wareham St Mary v Bovington 

Sandford - No Match 


Fixture 3 to be played by 21st December 

Bere Regis v Wareham St Mary 

Sandford v Wool Primary 

Bovington - No Match 


Fixture 4 to be played by 25th January 

Sandford v Bere Regis 

Wool Primary v Bovington 

Wareham St Mary - No Match 


Fixture 5 to be played by 8th March 

Bovington v Sandford 

Wool Primary v Wareham St Mary 

Bere Regis - No Match







Nine Primary Schools have entered. These have been organised into two Groups on a geographical basis to minimise travelling. The Groups are: 


Group 1 

Stoborough, St George's Langton, Swanage Primary and Swanage St Mary's (A and B). 


Group 2 

Bere Regis, Bovington, Sandford, Wareham St Mary and Wool Primary. 


In Group 1, Swanage St Mary’s offered to enter two teams to make up a shortfall in numbers in that Group. In addition to providing an extra game for the other Schools in the Group, this has simplified the organisation of the competition. The two St Marys teams will be kept entirely separate and should the two teams finish first and second in the Group, the second team will withdraw. The other Schools in the Group have been asked to approve this; no objections have been received. 


Each School will play every other School in its Group, resulting in four Group matches for each School. The top two Schools from each Group will go into a knock-out phase at the end of the Spring Term or in the Summer Term (avoiding SATs). The Groups will be decided as follows: points won, goal difference, goals scored. In the event that two Schools are still tied on goals scored, progression to the knock-out phase will be on the basis of the result between them. 




* Please see fixtures below. 

* Please keep to the timetable. 

* The home side is responsible for organising the fixture and for making contact with the other School to arrange timing, venue etc. 

* If a ‘home’ team does not have a pitch, the match will be played at the ‘away’ venue, or at a mutually convenient location. Purbeck School may be able to help if necessary with their Astro pitches. 

* The home team are responsible for supplying a suitably qualified referee agreed by both Schools. * The home side should report results to 

* In the event of a School cancelling a match on a number of occasions, as a last resort, the match may be awarded to the other School with a score of 0-3. 




* Seven aside, maximum squad size for any match - eleven. 

* Years 6 and 5. Year 4 children can play at the discretion of the School. 




* Players must wear shin guards; shin guards must be covered entirely by socks. 

* No offside. 

* Goalkeepers must wear a distinguishing playing strip. 

* Duration - 30 minutes each way.