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Bovington Primary School

Curiosity Growth Resilience.

We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019


Our approach the development of our pupil's personal, social, health and emotional education lies at the heart of our distinctive approach. 

We ensure that children understand their rights and responsibilities through the ethos that permeates each class, collective assemblies, lunch and break times. We have made use of the expertise that our ELSA team have brought to understanding children's emotional needs and attachments and we have woven this in to encourage the children to develop positive, responsible and resilient approaches to their social and emotional learning.

This is supported by the the use of the Jigsaw scheme of work across the school.


Introduction to Jigsaw PSHE

Introductory Video about the Jigsaw scheme of work for PSHE in primary education. See more at