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We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019

Lower Key Stage 2 (Y3 & Y4) 2016 -2017

Science Day - Wednesday 24th May

Today year 3/4 enjoyed 3 investigations, gathering, recording and presenting information, making careful observations and conclusions.  They were involved in building super structures using marshmallows and cocktail sticks, using chromatography, separating colours in sweets to see which sweets contain the most colours and investigating if plants can grow without light, oxygen and warmth.


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Picture 1
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Year 3/4 Golf Festival - We came first!!

Map Making and setting.

Map Making and setting. 1
Map Making and setting. 2
Map Making and setting. 3
Map Making and setting. 4

Musicianship programme


After our Samba lessons, sixteen of us are lucky enough to have been chosen to learn the guitar for 10 weeks in the Summer Term. smileyno

Read our awesome feedback from our Samba Lessons!

Amazing Mosaic! We all helped to make a Roman mosaic for our Art Cafe and Purbeck Arts Week.


This week we started orienteering.  There was a string trail set that we had to follow where ever it went.  If the string went through we had to got through, if it went under something we had to go under, if it went round we had to go round.  We used orienteering punches to match up symbols.  It was great fun.


Weymouth Class Swimming - Spring 1 2017

Our Samba concert was amazing!!

This week Mr Whitmarsh brought in different instruments for us to try in play Samba.

Santa arrived!

Santa arrived! 1
Santa arrived! 2
Santa arrived! 3
Santa arrived! 4
Santa arrived! 5

A Home Front Christmas - at The Tank Museum.

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Summer Term

Poole class will start swimming lessons on Friday 28th April.