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Bovington Primary School

Curiosity Growth Resilience.

We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019


Here are a few pictures of our amazing Library. To see how much the children enjoy using it just read a few of their comments below.

Quotes from Children about Library


Makayla- Wareham

"There are lots of different books to read"

Josh- Wareham

"It’s a fun place to read- Fascinating!"

Tonia- Wareham

"It’s really colourful and always tidy and neat"

Rhiannon- Wareham

"It’s fascinating! It’s a fun place to go with some lovely books in"

Joseph- Tyneham

"It’s amazing! I give it an A+. I like the World War bit the best because it shows you all the stuff from the World Wars. I like how it’s arranged too!"

Archie- Reception

"I like the flip up books; it’s cool because it has got tank books in it!"

Noah- Year 1

"It’s beautiful because it has loads of pictures up. It has loads of books!"

Liti- Year 1

"I like the details; I actually like the thingy behind you (Rainforest display). I like that it has lots of books to read and share"

Emma- Reception

"It’s my favourite library because there are lots of books to borrow"

Alana- Reception

"It’s good; I like the books and the mats"

Eva- Year 1

"I actually think it’s really good because of all the books you can choose. I like all the new stuff (points to WW1&2 displays)"

Ben- Dorchester

"I find it pretty cool- I love the History books"

Euan- Dorchester

"I could stay here all day"

Josie- Dorchester

"I like the variety of books you have in here"

Taylor- Dorchester

"It’s really good- I like the new arrangement. It looks really nice"

Veasna- Dorchester

"It’s very, very cool because there are cool pictures on the walls and lots of books to choose from"

Zach- Swanage

"It feels so big in here; there are new books that I can’t wait to read"

Isabella- Swanage

"There are enough books for everyone, I like the fiction books the best"

Lilly- Kimmeridge

"I think it’s a really nice and there are loads of books in here"

Katy- Kimmeridge

"I like it because it has unicorn and puppy books"

Jenna- Kimmeridge

"I like the library as there are loads of books that I like"

Lily-Anne- Kimmeridge

"Best library ever!"

Harry- Kimmeridge

"I think our library is excellent! It’s better than most libraries I have been to. It has awesome new books!"