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We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019

House Competitions

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On Thursday 22nd November, Hardy and Raleigh went head to head in an inter-house Handball match. At first, Raleigh was winning from an amazing goal scored when one of the Raleigh players jumped up in the air to score. Then Hardy caught up bringing the score to a tie. Suddenly, it was half time and Hardy was winning…

After a quick water break and team chat, the game got back underway. Hardy continued to play hard and Rhys from Raleigh team scored an amazing long shot, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to bring Raleigh back into the lead. Raleigh shot again and tried to get back into the lead but the Hardy defence quickly stopped a goal from being scored. Both teams continued to play hard but Raleigh just couldn’t do enough in the time left to catch up and take the lead back from Hardy. At full time Hardy were the well deserving winners with a final score of 13-9. Everybody played really well and there was great team work from both sides. Despite not winning, Raleigh never gave up! Next week will see Hardy vs Anning in the final.

Reported by Jamil  and Theo  (Poole Class)

Today, on the 16th of November, there was a cracking handball match Barnes vs. Anning . After the amazing match, the score totaled 22 to Anning  and 8 to Barnes, therefore they are now in first place on the leader board , but they might not stay there for long as there is a Raleigh vs. Hardy match on the 23rd . I am pleased to say, that there  was sportsmanship and pure teamwork used in the match, hopefully the others will continue to be like this. Anning showed resourcefulness , while Barnes showed unity. The satisfied winning team will now be entered in the finals. Will they be victorious again? Find out soon… (Bronze Ambassador AW 16/11/18)

House Handball Competition Anning v's Barnes