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We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019

BPS School Sport Code of Conduct

Bovington Primary School

Sport Code of Conduct


We, the Bovington School Pupils will …………………….


  • Encourage and value the efforts of all team mates.


  • Learn and accept the agreed rules.


  • Never cheat.


  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


  • Always behave well and be reliable, trustworthy and honest.


  • Appreciate the honour of representing the school.


  • Always listen and accept the official’s instructions and decisions.


  • Be sporting and considerate in winning.


  • Be sporting and considerate in defeat.


  • Always thank the officials, teachers and adult helpers



We, the Bovington School Parents/Supporters will …………………….


  • Recognise and encourage good sporting behaviour of all children.


  • Act as a good role model for the children to copy.


  • Actively discourage unsporting behaviour.


  • Offer praise and encouragement rather than criticism during the activity.


  • Applaud the effort of both/all teams.


  • Discourage other supporters from using inappropriate spectator language or interfering in coaching decisions made during the activity.


  • Support the teacher’s match and kit arrangements.
  • Encourage the children to respect the decisions of the officials.


  • Be aware that shouting can intimidate children.


  • Ensure our participating children are presentable and sport ready (correct kit, no jewellery, hair up) to set a good example and to ensure the safety of all participants.



We, the Bovington School Staff will …………………….


  • Ensure the safety of all participants during the event


  • Set the example for all players, parents/guardians and spectators, set a good example at all times.


  • Ensure that each player is appropriately dressed with the school kit (sports or P.E.).


  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport (E.g. fair play).


  • Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance.


  • Never condone rule violations and inappropriately aggressive play.


  • Display appropriate behaviour towards other teachers, officials, and volunteers.


  • Read the rules of the game and assist players in their understanding of them, supporting where necessary.



This Sport Code of Conduct has been created and adopted by the following Purbeck Schools (May 2016):


Bovington Primary School

Corfe Castle CE Primary School

Bere Regis Community School

Wareham St. Mary Primary School