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Bovington Primary School

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We look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 9th September 2019


We are a community maintained school but we work hard to accommodate and be flexible to meet the needs of families that move into the area or that wish to attend our school.

Although our admission arrangements are managed by the Local Authority you may wish to contact the school directly in the first instance, particularly if you are moving to the area outside of the usual registration times to start school.

In the first instance, enquiries relating to admission can be made through the Office:

01929 462744

or please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


Parents of children with special education or additional needs are advised to read our local offer to help them consider whether the provision that the school is able to offer will meet the needs of their child.


When a child joins us here at Bovington Primary they are given a buddy who shows them around the school, including where they eat lunch, go to the toilet etc. Their buddy generally looks after them for the first day/week. 
We make sure that staff and lunchtime supervisors are aware of the new child. 
We welcome the new pupil and make sure he/she feels happy, safe and secure. 

There is a mid-morning break from 10.55-11.10. Dorset County Council run a fruit and vegetable scheme providing every child with a healthy snack. This is free for KS1 children, and KS2 children can opt in. (There is a cost for this). Alternatively, you may provide a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables. 

Children eat their lunches together in the school hall under the supervision of Lunchtime Supervisors. Hot dinners are provided free of charge for Reception and KS1 children. Meals can be booked and paid for on line for KS2 children.  Good manners are expected at all times. 
We encourage children to eat healthily and request that no sweets are included. We also kindly request that no food contains nuts to help protect children with nut allergies. There are 2 sittings for lunch, KS2 and KS1 & Reception. Once a child has finished eating they may go and play. 

At Bovington we provide Breakfast and After school provision. Details can be found here:

In addition there is a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs that take place across the year Bovington Primary School. A small charge may be made for these. 


If you are a Service Family you may find it helpful to look at the CEAS Guide to Moving Schools. 

School Transport.

The school has its own minibus and it is able to provide limited transport to and from school for children that are situated in certain areas that would involve a long walk. Places are allocated on a first come basis and there is sometimes a waiting list. If you are interested in this please enquire at the school office.