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Thursday 11th July - French Day - French themed mufti Day

Year 1

Using ten frames, partitioning numbers into parts and representing them as number sentences.

Number bonds to ten. Recognising numerals and matching them to the number word.

The children have begun the successful Maths programme 'Singapore Maths No Problem'.


This approach incorporates the use of problem solving and group work using hands on equipment.  The focus this term is on developing a secure understanding of numbers to 10.  This includes:

  • Counting to 10.
  • Counting objects and actions to 10.
  • Writing numbers to 10 in words.
  • Counting to zero.
  • Comparing numbers of objects.
  • Ordering numbers.
  • Comparing numbers using the following words: most, least, fewer than, more than, the same as and equal to.
  • Making number bonds and turning them into a number story, for example:  There are nine pieces of fruit.  7 of them are oranges and 2 of them are apples, 9 is 7 and 2.


Here is the link to Maths No Problem website where there are some informative videos all about the Singapore approach.

Phonics Screening check

Phonics Screening check 1
Phonics Screening check 2
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