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Curiosity Growth Resilience.




Science, a core subject, is taught as a discrete lesson and there are special Science days during the year.  Pupils are encouraged to be curious and excited about the world around them, to be observant, ask questions and develop an understanding through simple tests and experiments.  Lessons include key scientific language, observing and comparing objects, materials and living things (plants, animals and humans).  Pupils use equipment, set up fair tests, record data and their findings in a variety of ways, they make predictions and conclusions, all of which increase their knowledge of working scientifically.  Effective learning takes place when the pupils are actively involved. Children are assessed using Key Performance Indicators which are recorded on Target Tracker.

Across the school, children learn about many exciting Science topics. These include Animals, Light and Dark, Sound, Electricity, Rocks and Soils, States of Matter and Forces. Each class has a Science Working Wall which shows the journey through the topic. You will find photographs of some Working Walls below as well as pictures of children being actively involved in Science activities.
Here are some quotes from children following a recent Science Day in years 5 and 6.
Picture 1