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Bovington Primary School

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School uniform


In order to promote the identity of the school and to ensure children feel equal, we expect our children to wear our school uniform.
The uniform is available to buy on line; however the office is holding samples of each size to try on.  The website address is . You will be able to purchase the school sweatshirt, cardigan, fleece, book bag and PE bag from this site.  
When you go to the website home page you will need to do the following;
  • Create an account, this is straight forward
  • Click on “Find your School”
  • Click on the new Bovington Primary Logo
  • Click on “Buy Now” and the items will be added to your shopping list.

If you wish you can place orders over the phone on 01983 615244 and pay by credit or debit card.

The school tie for years 5 and 6 will be available from the school office at a cost of £5. The summer dresses are available from Asda starting at £4 each or Marks and Spencers starting at £8 each.

Clothing Allowance

All sweatshirts and T-shirts are available through school and each one is individually embroidered with the school logo. Styles and current prices are available from the school office.

If a child receives free school meals then the parents are entitled to one new school jumper and second hand items of school clothing. Please contact the school office for confidential advice and the necessary forms for completion.
All items of uniform, personal belongings and PE Kit should be marked clearly with the pupil’s name.
Personal Belongings

Children should not wear jewellery to school. Any child with pierced ears should wear studs during school time. All watches should be removed during lessons involving any physical ability. We prefer the children not to wear jewellery or bring valuable items to school at all. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal possessions brought to school.

Toys and belongings at Playtime

At BovingtonPrimary School we are continually looking at ways of improving children’s personal, social and emotional development. Over the last two years we have focused particularly on the playground, rules, safety and friendships.
We have purchased a great deal of outdoor games and equipment but still find this is the time when children let off steam and large team games often end in disagreements and problems. As a school we have decided to trial a ‘bring a toy to school’ project. This will allow every child to bring in a toy, which they can then take out at playtimes. There will obviously need to be rules:
  • The toy must be small enough to fit into their class tray
  • Only one toy is allowed in school at a time
  • No electronic items are allowed
  • No violent toys i.e. guns, swords and daggers
  • The children must accept they are responsible for their own toys and should be discouraged from bringing anything that is expensive or precious
  • No swapping


Important note: Children are not permitted to bring mobile phones or valuable and/ or electronic items to school without prior permission.

Students are not permitted to use or have mobile phones in school. If parents require children to have a mobile phone, because for example the child walks to and from school, then written permission must be sought from the Head teacher and the item will be stored securely by the teacher. The school cannot be not liable for the loss or damage of any such items and where they are brought to and/ or stored at school they are done so entirely at the owners risk.