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19 January 2018


‘We are such stuff
As dreams are made on:

and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.’


Dear Parents/ Carers,


The quote above is from the Shakespeare play the Tempest that our upper key stage 2 children were so engaged in through the workshops that they had on Wednesday. At the end of an intense day they performed an abridged version of the play to the whole school. The engagement and energy that the actor Jo brought from the children as they spoke and performed these and many other words was as powerful a moment as you will get in a school. This was a great bridge to the learning the children have started and will continue to do from this classic play.


It was great to see all the parents that came to the ‘Stay and….’ morning on Thursday. Unfortunately, I was at a meeting, but Mrs Maslin has told me all about the positive atmosphere across the school and I have seen the photographs too. I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with your children in their classes and we will be having another ‘Stay and…’ morning next half term.


On the 5th February the garrison have supported an evening performance of a play that some of the children at the school saw last year. The play is called ‘An invisible Man’ and I was keen to try and arrange for parents to see this play. I hope that you will come and enjoy the play that gives an insight into the lives and voices of so many children at our school. Our PTFA will support this evening.


Well done to the the Handball team who learnt a new sport at a Handball workshop and came 4th !!


Thank you to Swanage Class for their wonderful assembly on Friday. It was so lovely to see the huge amount of work that Swanage Class have been doing so far this year, we especially enjoyed the James Bond dance.


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

12 January 2018


Dear Parents/ Carers,

I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown past.

There have been some strange events going on around the school. I believe Y5/6 came across an alien that had been found on the school playing field. Well, you know how it works, there had to be an alien autopsy right there and then… What a great inspiration for writing!

I went to watch our school football team play against Wool on Thursday. It was great to see our players really co-operating and working together as a team under the stewardship of Mr Martin. Although Wool put up a sporting game the final score was 11-1 to Bovington. Well done team.

We all know how important it is to be physically healthy but we do not talk as much about the area of mental health. This week the teachers and teaching assistants have training to further develop their understanding Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) and resilience to support the children at the school. This relates to things like anxiety, anti-social behaviour and poor social skills. There can also be an impact of things like obsessive thoughts or events such as bereavement, family separation or other traumatic events. It is sometimes an area that can be difficult to talk about, particularly if you are child and you do not have the language to describe how you are feeling, and this is why, as a school, we say that children’s behaviour is a type of talk. Poor social and emotional mental health can become a barrier to learning and progress and we do our best to support and address children who have any needs in this area so this impact can be reduced.

As a school, we have always taken the emotional needs and wellbeing of our pupils very seriously and we are continuing to develop our provision and support for children in this area.

If you have concerns about the social and emotional mental health of your child, or any mental health concerns at all regarding your child please contact the Head teacher or the SENCO or a member of our pastoral team.

This week I felt the first touch of warmth from the Sun as I was outside at lunch break with the children. I definitely think we need more of this!

Have a good weekend

Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

5 January 2018


Dear Parents/ Carers,

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely festive time and are ready for all that 2018 will bring to us.


It’s great to be back and I mean that! Although, I have to admit, all the teaching staff, including myself, found it just a little bit hard to come in to school on the 2nd January for our staff training day. Nevertheless, it was a very useful day. We looked at developing resilience and growth mindset both in ourselves as teachers and in the pupils. We did some learning about the important place of pupils struggling a little with problems, sticking at them even failing and building determination to improve, before teachers give very targeted comments to help them make progress with their learning. This is the way lessons in our mastery maths approach are structured so it was a great opportunity to have some time to share our thoughts and do some learning ourselves about this important area.


The children have settled back well into the routines of school and they look smart and ready to learn. We have begun the new year as we mean to go on by reinforcing our high expectations for behaviour. The school feels happy and positive despite the incredibly windy and wet weather we have had.


This week KS1 have been visiting the Tank Museum to undertake a range of activities. This included having their lunch down there which was an experience that made a big impression on them. I am sure they have told you all about it.


Year 3 & 4 started their music lessons this week with Dorset Music Service; they are learning how to play brass instruments!


I have listened to some of the feedback that was given to us from the parent/ carer survey about behaviour on the playground at the start of the day and I have changed arrangements to ensure that we have many more teaching staff out on the playground to ensure that all children are safe and supervised.


I hope you have a good weekend.


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

21 July 2017


Dear Parents


The last Newsletter of the academic year- can you believe it. So much has happened this year!


We have to say goodbye to Mrs Croft, Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Cummins as well as Mrs Gill. But we are able to welcome Miss Osborn who will be teaching Swanage, Miss Brown who will be teaching Corfe and Mrs Grainger who will be teaching French and RE. Mrs Humphries and Mr Grattidge will be teaching Computing from September.


Our Year 6 leaver assembly certainly tugged at the heart strings with their memories, thankyous and hopes and dreams. We wish them all the best at Secondary School. There are several other children across the school that are leaving and although we will miss them we wish all our leavers the best of luck in their new destinations.


It was wonderful to have Col Stuart Burman and his welfare team in school presenting the prizes for the Road Safety poster competition that was set for Home Learning. Look out on the school fence after the holidays!


This week we reached the final stages of our ‘Bovi’s Got Talent competition’ and the quality of the performances was really high. After a tense semi-final the winner was finally chosen, well done to Rhys Waterman! Thank you to all the children that took part and thank you to our judges as well. They did a great job through many auditions all the way through to the final.


I just want to say a public thank you to all the staff at the school that have worked so hard this year to ensure that every single child has thrived and made progress. We pride ourselves on our broad and rich curriculum, the quality of experiences that we try and offer to the children and the curiosity, growth and resilience we seek to nurture in every child. This came through in the thankyous from the Year 6 leavers and is also reflected in the positive comments from parents on the report return slips.


Thank you also to the parents and community around the school. Our partnerships have grown stronger this year and we will continue to build upon these next year particularly as we bed in the initiatives we have introduced over the past couple of years.


Have a wonderful summer!


See you in September

Kris Winthorpe


14 July 2017


Dear Parents


I hope you have had as good week as we have at school.


We are nearing the end of term now and you will be receiving your child’s report today. You will see that every child has worked really hard this year. Well done also to all of our children that took external assessments; we were so pleased with the progress you made through your efforts. Every single result of every child tells a story and when you know that child you will know how hard all have worked.


Yes we are disappointed with some of our overall external whole school results but we have reviewed what we are doing and will be tweaking and building on what we have already put in place. The strategies that we have put in place this year, like Maths No Problem and Read Write Inc., take time to work their way through but are already raising expectations and the quality of teaching and learning for so many children in the school. These need to be bedded in over the next year.


This week also:

  • Mrs Boston’s Dance Club performed the routine they have been working on to parents. What rhythm!

  • Rev Langford and the ‘Open the Book’ community group performed and retold the story of ‘Adam and Eve’;

  • We had our first live show of ‘Bovi’s Got Talent’. The standard was really high with children performing to the whole school. Four acts got through to the next round, with 8 more next week. Personally I am devastated because I didn’t get through singing a song from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.


    Finally, thank you for Corfe class for their super and energetic assembly that reflected on how they have changed and grown throughout the year.


    Have a good weekend


    Kris Winthorpe

    Head teacher

7 July 2017


Dear Parents


I think I will have to rename this week to be Activity Week. I cannot believe that we have managed to fit so much into one week.


What a splendid Sport’s Day and Summer Fair on Friday. It was great to see so many people there enjoying themselves. Thank you to Mrs Drake and the staff and children for organising and taking part in the sporting activities and thank you to the PTFA for the great Summer Fair stalls and amazing BBQ.

I need a nice cool glass of water after all that!


Also, on Monday Year 5 & 6 had a very successful trip to Paulton’s Park as a reward for their good behaviour and effort, particularly this term. Two coaches took the children that had earned it to the fantastic theme park near Southampton where they also had a really engaging science workshop.


Tuesday was a super busy day with lots of new faces in the school. We had the School Safer Internet Team in doing e-safety workshops with our Y4, 5 and 6 children.


Also our new Reception starters came and had a lunch at the school to help them get ready for September. The food seemed to go down well!

In the afternoon we had a successful transition afternoon as people met their new teachers and class mates ready for September. I cannot believe that this year has flown by so fast.


Wednesday was a day for pirates and adventure as the M&M theatre company came and performed Treasure Island to the whole school in two performances with additional workshops. Continuing with the theme of dramatic productions you may have notice the extra minibuses we hired to take Year 4 to see a production of the Lion King by Dunbury School whom we sometimes work with. The standard of the performance was incredibly high and those who went said that they forgot they were watching children perform.


What I would please ask is that if you are able to give some money toward the costs of particularly the theatre trips it helps us to ensure that we can offer these wonderful experiences to your children at the very least cost possible. Every penny really does help. Thank you.


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

30 June 2017


Dear Parents


What a change in the weather! Still it was good to see everyone looking really smart in their school uniform on Monday.

This week I was talking to the children about the importance of being active to support their health and how important it is to be active for 60 minutes a day. We will try and be active for at least 30 minutes at school so they need to ensure that do the same at home. Walking, cycling or scooting to school certainly helps!

Next Friday is Sport’s Day so we hope the weather is kind to us as we have plenty organised alongside the sports programme. In the afternoon parents of children in KS1 may collect their children to be with them for the afternoon, after they have been registered, as they may like to take them to the Bouncy Castle, for example. All children will need to return to class for the end of the day where they will be dismissed at the normal time.


  • Open the Book- On Wednesday we had a group of volunteers from several of the local parish churches that brought alive the Creation Bible Story for the whole school. The Open the Book group will be visiting us every two weeks over the year ahead to share stories from the Bible. We are really lucky to have this community involvement in our school.

  • Fiver Challenge- On a rainy Wednesday afternoon we had our Fiver Challenge both inside and out. It was fantastic to see the school packed with so many parents and relatives of the children and to see the little business enterprises that had popped up across the school and that were successfully selling goods and services. It was a great fun afternoon and the children involved have learnt important life skills including how to make a significant profit from a sum of investment. Well done to all involved.

  • Moreton open assembly- What an amazing train ride to India. We loved your singing and you certainly showed us how to keep healthy with your Wake Up and Shake routine.


    Have a good weekend


    Kris Winthorpe

    Head teacher

23 June 2017


Dear Parents


What a scorcher of a week! The hottest days of the year so far meant that we had to make some adjustments to the usual routines. These included Cinema showings at lunchtime for those that wanted some shade and Ice Pops I believe!


Normal Uniform returns next week

We let the older children take their ties off but please can we start next week with ties and school shoes back on so we can have a smart start to the week.


Barton Hall

I have been looking at the photographs of the Y6 children at Barton Hall and what fun they have had building rafts and facing some really incredible and exciting challenges. It is great to have them all back safely now- even the staff!

Barton Hall blog:


British Values

Thank you to those children that learnt an entire ‘Play in a Day’ on British Values with Konflux Theatre company and then did such a great job performing it to the school and parents. I learnt something about what makes us British and it was great to see your confident delivery.


Reception new starters

It was great to welcome so many parents and carers of our new Reception children that are starting with us in September to our workshop on Thursday. What a delightful group of children they were to read to. They certainly seemed School Ready.


Bungalow- news

The school has acquired the bungalow at the front of the school. Work will shortly begin by County to clear the site and the bungalow will be converted for educational use over the coming months. This will include extending the perimeter fence around the site. We will move some of our provision into the bungalow in the autumn term.


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher


16 June 2017


Dear Parents


We have had some amazing weather this week and it is very important that your child is dressed appropriately for the conditions. This includes a sun hat and sun cream (applied before school please!) and….of course…. an emergency waterproof coat should they need it.


Thank you to Mrs Humphries for organising the Den Building day last Friday. The children really enjoyed collaborating to make shelters.


It’s been another busy week for the children with Upper Key Stage 2 researching aspects of science whilst Lower Key Stage 2 have been enjoying a creative arts focus. The children enjoy and get so much more out of this themed focus to some curriculum areas where they can really immerse themselves in the learning.


Meanwhile, Year 1 have been busy with Phonics Screening and Year 5 today visited the Charborough Estate. All this alongside the daily diet of English and Maths.


With SATs now finished for this year, Year 6 are preparing for their residential trip next week which will see them taking part in main adventurous and team building activities, they are very much looking forward to going as are the staff that will be going with them, let’s hope the lovely weather holds!


Best Wishes


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

9 June 2017


Dear Parents


Welcome back, I hope that you had a lovely half term. It is hard to believe that we are now in the final term of this school year, with still so many activities and events to go – please check the diary dates opposite.


This week the children (and staff!) enjoyed a fabulous performance of David and Goliath by the Oddments theatre company who visited the school on Thursday.


Thank you to Mrs Humphries who organised the Den Building afternoon, the children had a fantastic time constructing and using their dens.


Thank you to those parents that responded to the behaviour survey that was open over half term. It was good to see that 71% of those that replied felt that the school rewards children who are well behaved and make good choices. We have plans to develop this further so please come to the Behaviour Workshop that I will be running on Thursday afternoon to find out more.


Finally, I would like to say a big well done to Mrs Drake who completed the Dorchester Marathon raising money for the Marie Curie charity.


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

Friday 26 May 17


Dear Parents,


What beautiful weather.


Our SEN Governor visited the school last Monday and has a great picture of how the school is supporting children with Special and Additional Needs. He is keen to be a point of contact for parents that may wish to discuss SEN matters outside of the SEND team at the school. His name is Paul Tapping and he can be contacted via the school.


Fiver challenge- Our y5/6 children had a great morning learning how to set up a business and are busy forming their own companies ready for this year’s Fiver Challenge that was so successful at last year’s Summer Fair.


Thank you to the PTFA for another scorching and successful DISCO. I can hear the singing from the hall as the children sing along to their favourite hits. They are having so much fun every time I check in on them.


Our Marie Curie Mufti and Elmer day was a real success and the children looked really colourful. Mrs Bains is doing a wonderful job promoting the Library and reading.


It was great to see so many parents at the assembly for Lulworth to find out what they have been learning throughout the year. What lovely singing and dancing!


As a school we all work very hard to ensure that all children follow our school behaviour policy and that all children also feel safe and happy in school. We are aware of recent situations were a couple of children’s behaviour has unusually overstepped what is acceptable and tolerable in school. I have taken robust action to address the challenges that have arisen for those children involved. We do ensure that we work very closely with the families and children involved and actively involve other professional agencies to work alongside us. The children at Bovington are overwhelmingly sensible, polite and well-behaved and as their Head teacher I am as proud of all them as you are of your own child. Their sensitivity, care and understanding is a real credit to you.


Please remember, if you do have any concerns, please make an appointment to come and see me.



Have a great half term. I hope the weather continues….


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher



19th May

Today was national Walk 4 Wildlife day. Our school joined hundreds of other schools across the country in a sponsored walk to raise money for Wildlife charities and for our Forest School developments that will encourage wildlife.

Upper key stage 2 walk through Moreton Woods and the rest of the school walked a mile around the school grounds looking for wildlife.

Parents came and fun was had by all.

Friday 19 May 2017


Dear Parents,


What an action packed week!

  • It has been good to see so many children walking to school this ‘Walk to school week’. We all enjoyed the long walks we did on Friday afternoon to raise money for the wildlife and Forest School’s projects that the school has planned. We hope we help set a new World Record for participating in this. Thank you for your generosity in supporting this and thank you to Mrs Humphries.

  • This week:

    • Children went to the Purbeck School as part of a cross-school reading club to get children more excited about books;

    • A group of children visited ‘Cloud’s Hill’ using the school National Trust membership and the minibus to learn about Lawrence of Arabia as a springboard for writing;

    • We have had an Artist working with children for the second week helping to make a large stained glass window panel that has been commissioned for one of the stairwells in the school and as part of Purbeck Arts week. It is looking rather fabulous and we all cannot wait to see it when it is hung up.

    • We had a group of students from Bournemouth University in working with our older children to give them the message of high aspirations. We hope that all of our children can see that University is a possibility that they could make real through hard work.

  • This week after school clubs began. Thank you to the staff that have volunteered their time to support these.

  • On Thursday a group of children from the school went to ‘The Big Swing’ golfing tournament - they won the whole competition with 703 points! Very well done!

  • Finally, I have to say how impressed I was with the children from the Raspberry PI club. Mrs Cummings has done some amazing work with computers, coding and programming with the children this year. Thank you Mrs Cummings.


    Have a good weekend


    Kris Winthorpe

Friday 12th May 2017


Dear Parents,


  • SATs: This week our Year 6 pupils sat their Sat tests for maths, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Whilst we recognise that these are important, we know and we want your children to know that these tests do not assess all of what makes our pupils special and unique. They do not assess our children’s skill in playing football, teaching gymnastics, cooking, scooting or their artistic and creative use of language in a reflective poem or the kindness they have shown a friend. The tests do not reflect the curiosity, growth mindset and resilience that our pupils have shown throughout their time at Primary School. It is true that the tests will give some numbers and tell us something about how your children did on a day in May 2017 but they will not tell us everything. There are many ways of being smart and all of our pupils have shown that they are and can be smart in so many different ways. Your children have worked incredibly hard and are simply amazing. Well done to all of you! Thank you also to all the teachers and staff across the school that have supported children through afterschool clubs, breakfast club and space and timetable reorganisation. This has been a whole school effort!

  • New starters: Meanwhile our Reception teachers have been visiting the Nursery and preschool getting to meet our new starters to the school in Reception in September. I hear the Nurseries are looking fantastic and it has been great to work with them on improving our school readiness this year.

  • Gym Club: I have to tell you about the Gym Club that has been organised by Jamie and Izzy for the Year 1 children. These two superstars are doing such a great job at running this club; all who walk through are stopping in amazement and the organisation and ability that these girls have shown.

  • Thankyou Studland for a lovely assembly on the Great Fire of London. We all enjoyed your singing.


    Have a good weekend


    Kris Winthorpe

    Head teacher

Friday 5th May 2017


Dear Parents,


We have had a great short week at school. It is good to see the children being able to get out and enjoy the better weather.


Next week our Year 6 children have their National Curriculum Tests (SATs). We wish them the best for the SATs and we know how hard both they, and the staff, have worked not just in the weeks leading up to the SATs but throughout their time at Primary School. I just want to remind our parents that they are only tests that reflect a performance under pressure on one day and we know that they don’t give a reflection of the whole child. We know that some children thrive under these conditions and others find it a challenge so it is good that we are able to present the wider picture of your child when we meet with their teachers for Secondary school. We, like you, are really proud of them.


I just want to let you know that we were rated as Good (86%) in our recent Health and Safety audit and report of the school. Well done to Mrs Serkis and her team who has led this area for me. Our new Health & Safety governor as already come in and checked that we have actioned and addressed the outstanding areas and he like us is pleased that the school is a safe and secure place for our children and staff.


Yesterday we had a wonderful display of the art that has been produced for Purbeck Arts Week on the theme of ‘A moment in Time’. The work was stunning and when it was collected together like this very powerful and showed what creative and skilled artists we have in our school. You can find photos of the artwork on our website here:


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

Friday 28th April 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


I hope you had a lovely Easter. The weather certainly was wonderful.


It was good to see the children come back to school rested and ready to learn and it has been a week when they have certainly enjoyed being back with their friends with the opportunity to be outside so much.


On Wednesday we had a special assembly with to members of the RNLI and an opportunity to ‘Meet the Lifeguards’. They gave all the children the important messages about water safety and how to keep safe when at the wonderful local beaches. As a school, we know how important teaching children to swim is which is why all our children in KS2 are taught swimming for a term each year through the good partnership we have with the Military Garrison swimming pool.


In lower KS2 they had an art day this week and the children have all had the opportunity to do some marbling, make a coil pot from clay and add to a wonderful mosaic


I have spent time walking round the classes to see the learning and behaviour of the children. They are a real credit to you. It is good to report that it has been a happy settled start to the summer term.


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

The visit to the Garrison church to celebrate Easter.

Friday 7 April 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


We have made it to the end of the term and what amazing weather to go into the Easter holidays with!


The children enjoyed walking to the Garrison Church on Wednesday. There was a lovely service of singing and spring poems. Padre Tony talked to the children about the new life of spring and the symbolism behind why we have an egg at Easter.


The fantastic weather was just what was required for the Easter Egg hunt on Thursday with the 3 year old visitors from Bovington Nursey and 3 Bears and our youngest children at school. A splendid morning was had by all with a parent writing to me and saying:


Thank you for letting the Bovington Nursery come and do some Easter activities at the school this morning, my youngest won't stop talking about it and won't take her bunny ears off! A lovely way to introduce them to primary school.’


Thank you to Tyneham class for their lovely assembly on Friday. We all enjoyed the song about the ‘Great Fire of London’.


On Sunday I shall be closing the parent survey, so if you have not yet filled in your comments, please could I remind you for the last time as your views and opinions are important to us. The survey is here:


Finally, thank you for all your ongoing support of the school this term. We are continuing to make changes and improvements to our teaching and provision and I hope you can see the impact of this on your child.


Have a happy and safe Easter.

Best wishes


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

Friday 31 March 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


The writing tree- We launched our Writing Tree this week that has some of our best writing from Reception to Year 6 ‘growing’ on it and on display. If you have time, please come into the hall to see the wonderful examples of writing from children of each class whose writing is there to inspire and set examples for others to ‘magpie’ and borrow from for their own writing. I am amazed at the quality of thinking and turn of phrase of so many of our children.


Visitors- On Wednesday we had two visitors from North Devon, Sandy Brown and Gail Holmes. Sandy is the Executive Head of the North Devon Teaching School Alliance and Gail is the Head teacher of an Outstanding School in Woolacombe, North Devon. Both are National Leaders of Education that help support and develop schools. I asked them to visit us to quality assure certain aspects of the school and to help us reflect upon our positives and our areas for development. Our visitors praised your ‘fantastic children’ who they felt were ‘articulate and engaging’ and also the school’s inclusive approach. They also noted other strengths such as the positive impact of the changes that we have secured at the school over the last year and a half, for example, the development of the Library. They also commented that the behaviour of the children was a strength of the school.


During their visit they agreed with my senior leaders and myself about the areas that we have identified to work on as a school as they challenged us to raise the bar even higher. I shall share some more of their comments with you over the coming weeks.


Parent view survey- There is one week to go before I close the current Parent Survey. Your feedback is really important to us as we continue to develop and improve our provision. If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes to complete it on our website in the parents section here:


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

Congratulations to our Design a Red Nose Competition Winners!

Congratulations to our Design a Red Nose Competition Winners! 1
Congratulations to our Design a Red Nose Competition Winners! 2

24 March 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


Another busy week at school:


  • Parent Survey:
    Thank you to those parents & carers that have taken the time to complete our current survey. If you have not done so yet you can find it here:


  • Town Councillor visit: Cllr Meadon, a Purbeck District Councillor led an assembly on Democracy and British Values last Monday. Afterwards she was quizzed by our school council. She wrote to me afterwards and said:
    My session with the School Councillors after the Assembly was excellent. I am most impressed with how well they are informed, especially on current affairs and how quickly they grasped some of the issues we covered. I really hope that they enjoyed it as much as I did. The questions they asked me on behalf of their classes were well thought out and they acted in such a responsible manner’


  • Keep your child E-SAFE- Please be mindful of uploading videos or photographs to YouTube or social media of your children. Do not post videos or photos with their names or in their uniform that you may have taken in assemblies or other events.


  • SEND: We are working hard to ensure that our school is inclusive and that we take our responsibilities to deliver appropriate provision for SEN for those pupils with additional needs. It was good to read in the recent SEN inspection of the local authority that there was recognition of the quality of SENCOs, particularly as Mrs Reddyhoff was one of those SENCOs asked to go and meet with inspectors.


  • Samba Concert- What an amazing Samba concert that Y3/4 gave to a packed hall on Wednesday. Thank you to the Dorset Music Service and Mr Whitmarsh.


    As I write this Y5/6 are at the Tank Museum having a Trench Experience with a focus on Archie Smith as part of their themed topic on World War 1.


    Finally, I can hear the children enjoying their lunch break in their red outfits and with their red noses. What a fun way to end the week!


    Have a good weekend


    Kris Winthorpe

    Head teacher

17 March 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


It was lovely to see so many parents come to the open meetings this week to meet with your child’s class teacher. I hope you found them useful and you have a clear picture of how your child is getting on, their progress and what you can do to help them further.

Please let us know how we are getting on by completing our parent’s view survey:


Last Monday, we held a phonics and reading workshop and shared the changes we will be making to teach children to read and write in the early years. For those of you who did not come there are some videos here:


Children from the Nursey and pre-school that are joining us in September came for their first stay and play visits this week. On Wednesday some of our youngest children also visited Wool Library.


On Thursday, I visited a school in the east end of London to see what they do there to achieve very high standards. Elmhurst Primary School - is one of the best in the country. I was privileged to see children learning across the school and also to look at children’s books. I was fortunate also to be able to discuss the most effective strategies to secure high standards with the Head teacher Mr Shahed Ahmed OBE. At the heart of his approach, over the 15 years he has been there, has been strong teaching, high expectations and the very effective use of the Read Write Inc. approach that we are adopting. He has ensured that these approaches have been developed and revisited so they are at the centre of the school. For us, it will take time to bed these approaches in, but I am confident that if we do it this well it will have a tremendous and positive impact upon our pupils.


Finally, thank you to Kimmeridge class for their very entertaining assembly that showcased some of the fantastic learning they have been doing this year.


Keep reading!


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

10 March 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


We are at the end of another busy week. This week we have had the fantastic Book Fair at school and children have enjoyed browsing, choosing and buying books. Alongside this, we were able to welcome our new volunteers from the Dorset Reading Partnership who have now started and who will be coming into school each week and working with some children to develop their love of reading.


On Monday there is a Reading Workshop for Reception and Year 1 children in the school hall at 2.30 that will explain the big changes and improvements we are introducing to the way our youngest children will be taught to read and write. Please come if you have a child in these year groups as you are a very important part of this big development for the school and we will have some of the new resources that we have spent over £8000 on and that your children will be using over the months ahead.


Mrs Reddyhoff has stepped up as Acting Deputy Head teacher, whilst Mrs Maslin is on maternity leave, and this week we have been visiting some lessons to see the children learning Mastery Maths. Children are clearly enjoying the Text Book approach and there is some really good and deep learning going on across the school.


Next week it is Parents evenings and your teacher will be discussing your child’s progress with you and you can see some of their books. I will be available on both evenings so, should you wish, please either make an appointment to see me or stop by and have a chat. All feedback is most warmly received and will be used to help us improve what we are doing. It is also good to hear what we are doing well and positive praise is passed back to staff. To this end I have opened a parental survey on our school website. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and I would really appreciate your view of how we are doing. I will have some IPads on the evening so you can also fill it in whilst you are waiting or are between appointments. The survey can be found here:


I just want to mention BBC or Bovington Breakfast Club as this week we received a donation from TESCO community fund towards the club. Thank you to TESCO and also thank you also to the staff that are making this such a great place to be in the morning. There is always active fun for all first thing before the start of school. Places are beginning to fill up now and we are beginning to move toward the establishment of the after school club that we hope to start after Easter.


Have a good weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

3rd March 2017


Dear Parents,


Wow! What an amazing week! What a fantastic celebration of reading and books!


Several of the staff have shared their favourite books and their love of reading, including myself, and there has been so much talk of books and reading all around the school. This has been a valuable boost to getting across the message of how much pleasure there is in reading. When we launched the Bovington top 25 books there was so much excitement from the children.


On World Book Day itself, the effort put into the costumes and the smiles and joy from the children was infectious; in the afternoon all the children paraded and lots of prizes were awarded.


It was wonderful to see both staff and the children all dressed up in the hall listening to Dr Dawson, a local children’s author, as he shared and discussed his books, the characters and his process to write the books. ( With his life sized ‘Scary Bones the Skeleton’ and magic tricks, Dr Dawson had 300 children wide eyed and enraptured as he told them the story of where Scary Bones came from. There was an audible gasp from the children as a golden skeleton popped out of an old grey and dusty box.


Thank you also to Poole class for their fun assembly on Friday. We all enjoyed their song and they have had a great time learning about the Romans.


I want to inform you that whilst Mrs Maslin is on her maternity leave Mrs Reddyhoff will be stepping up as the school’s Acting Deputy Head teacher.


Have a great weekend

Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

24 February 2017


Dear Parents,

Well we are back into the swing of school after the Half Term break and, although it took a few children a couple of days to settle again, it has been good to walk around the school and see the children working hard in their learning.


This week Upper Key Stage 2 had another fantastic science day and where getting to grips with understanding some important functions of their body and also how to look after it. The teachers in Year 5 & 6 have worked hard to make these days exciting and engaging and the children enjoyed measuring pulse rates, understanding the function of the heart and blood but, perhaps their favourite, learning about digestion. It was great to have so many children coming up to me saying ‘We made poo!’ now, that is what I call memorable learning.


Mrs Maslin has now started her maternity leave and we wish her and her family all the best and I will keep you updated when I get some news.


What a lovely way to end the week on such a glorious sunny day, particularly after the storms and winds.


Have a great weekend

Kris Winthorpe


10 February 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers


I cannot believe that we have reached half term already and we are now exactly half way through the school year.


This week I have been looking at the progress that the children have been making and it has been great to see how their hard work is reflected in their reading, writing and maths. I have to say that this can also be seen in enthusiasm that the children show about books when they are in library, the amazing writing and poetry they are producing and the depth and enjoyment they are getting out of their Mastery Maths lessons. (Yes- I did say enjoyment!)


On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day and a group of our pupils led a coding workshop for some parents that saw some parents making simple games controlling and moving objects in an virtual space. This was followed by information about e-safety that shared advice about helping to keep children safe online. There is some good advice for parents about online safety for their children on the SID website: (


The Valentine Disco was a success with thanks to all those involved and linked to the PTFA. Nearly £400 was raised that will go towards items and activities for the pupils at the school.


Weymouth Class had a wonderful Open assembly on Friday morning and we ended the term with a lively Celebration Assembly on Friday afternoon to present the House Trophy to Anning House Team. Well done!


Sadly, we have to say farewell to Mrs Dent who leaves at the end of this term to go to a new teaching post near the new house she has just moved to. I want to thank her for her hard work at the school both as Class Teacher for Corfe and also in leading so much of the PE and sport across the school. We wish her all the best and good luck in her new role.


After Half Term we have two new members of staff joining us, Mrs Brown, who will lead Corfe Class and Mrs Dorrington who will take over as class teacher of Wareham ready for Mrs Maslin to leave for her maternity. Mrs Maslin will be non-class based at the school for a couple of weeks after half term helping hand over her class to Mrs Dorrington.

Thank you for continued support of the school.


Have a great Half Term.


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

3 February 2017

Dear Parents/ Carers,


It has been good to see the buzz continue to build centred around the library as Mrs Bains, Mrs Partridge and Mrs Muraro have added new furniture and new books. The children have been introduced to the 100 most popular books in an exciting and entertaining assembly last Monday and were thrilled by the fact that they could actually read and borrow them. Alongside this, we have refreshed the books children are taking home with as home readers across the school and we are continuing to look at how we can develop this area. Reading is such an important part of our Primary School life and we need to ask you to read with your children each day when they are young and for them to read to you or themselves as they get older. We are looking forward to World Book Day on the 2nd March and we have booked a local children’s author to come and work with the children.


Our older children had a ‘Tanktastic’ afternoon at the Tank Museum on Tuesday. They had to work in teams to make tracks for a Lego robot tank that they then had to drive around an assault course. They all had different roles and had to note down their initial ideas. They scored points for the completion of their booklet and how well their tank moved around the different obstacles and the winning team were given a certificate. Needless to say everyone had a great time.


Our football team continue to do well with a 17-0 score against St. Georges in Langton Matravers. Well done team!

Next week we have a couple of events that I want to remind parents about. On Tuesday it is Safer Internet Day and to mark this parents are invited into a coding and e-safety workshop in the afternoon in the computer suite. This will be a great opportunity to have a go at some simple coding, supported by some of our pupils, and update yourself about how to keep your children e-safe. On Thursday we have the PTFA Valentine’s Disco and tickets are selling like ‘hot cakes’. You can get them after school and they are also on sale at lunchtime: £2 a ticket.


Finally, I went to a meeting of the Garrison Welfare Committee this week and I hope to get some new signage outside the school to ask traffic to slow down in front of the school. Please remind your children if they scoot or ride down the hill in front of Purbeck View to slow down, stop and dismount for the road.


Have a good weekend.

Best wishes


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher


27 January 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


This week we had a visit from a theatre company that spent a day performing and exploring life for children from a Service family's perspective. The day powerfully explored the themes of change and the impact of moving and contained themes that were relevant and accessible to all the children in Key Stage 2. This day was a good opportunity to explore the impact of change and for all children to have a common experience to discuss, what it is like when you have to move home or you have a family member that is away for long periods.


I just want to draw your attention to a special event. In a couple of weeks’ time on Tuesday 7th Feb at 2pm it is Safer Internet Day. To mark this we will be holding a Coding and E-safety workshop. This will be a chance for parents to come in and have a go at coding through the game-like environment of Kodu guided and supported by some of our technically minded pupils. You will get a chance to code your own game. This will be followed by a short briefing and update on E-Safety that will give you the latest information to help your child stay safe online.


Thank you for your understanding if you received a letter about attendance from me last week. I know that there are stories behind children’s absence and when children are ill and contagious they will need to remain at home in line with our policy. However, you will understand, and expect me as Head teacher, to monitor attendance as it is so important to children’s progress at school. If you are in any doubt please phone the office or please arrange to meet with me if you know you have a significant planned absence so we can discuss and work with you to achieve the best.


Have a great weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

20 January 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


Business as usual at school this week with children working hard on their reading, writing and maths. We have refreshed the Banded Books so the children that read from these collections have some different books to share at home. Daily reading practice really helps children with all parts of their learning and they love being read to as well. Here are some ideas for how to read with your child from the Book Trust:


You might have noticed your child coming home with a few extra words of French as we have changed the way we are teaching French across the school. Mrs Godfrey has joined our carousel to support teacher release for planning and assessing, along with Mrs Cummings and Mrs Boston, to teach French. Even our youngest children are getting a little taster of some French words.


This week I have met with the landscape architect to discuss the plans that have been drawn up to improve the school grounds and outside areas. We will be starting on the Early Years outside area to improve this shortly but we also have some grand designs for the school field including a forest schools area. If you are interested in helping with any outdoor projects, for example, clearing plants and foliage or if you have an interest in gardening and would like to be involved in any of our outdoor projects please let me know by dropping me a letter. I am anticipating some Saturday mornings, at some point, literally digging in and if you want to be part of the Ground Force please let me know so I can add you to my list. I am also looking for some sponsorship for both the landscape and arts projects that we are working on for the children and if you have any ideas of companies that I might approach these would also be most welcome. Just make an appointment to see me or please write me a brief letter.


Speaking of sponsorship I have secured a small donation from Tesco to support the launch of our Breakfast Club. This is proving to be increasingly popular and it is great to see such happy and active children. The other day they had set up an obstacle course in the school hall and were dancing along to an active exercise video, another day they were playing indoor hockey. We plan to launch after school provision after Easter for the Summer Term going forward.


Thank you to Swanage Class for their engaging and entertaining assembly on World War 1- what an interesting topic.


Have a great weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

13 January 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers,


We have been thinking about ‘attachment and relationships’ as a staff after some really interesting training from Mrs Reddyhoff and Mrs Stone. These are clearly really important in helping your child feel secure and able to fully engage in the learning at school and are an important way in which we work as a school to support and challenge children. A really good and entertaining way to understand the behaviours that your child sometimes shows you is to do as we have done and watch the film ‘Inside out’ that came out a couple of years ago. (We only watched extracts).


This week’s music lessons started for many children and there was some terrific samba drumming coming from the hall from Y3 & 4. When they are ready we will invite parents in to see a performance that I am sure you will enjoy.


The Reading Champions book club started this week for some children in Year 6 and we are reading one of my favourite books - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


A real highlight of the week was the science day in Y5 & 6 on Wednesday. Wow - so much fun, excitement and anticipation as the practical and messy science ignited enthusiasm and learning. Just the way real science should. Well done to all involved!


Please read the note about road safety on the back of the newsletter as there was a an incident involving a child and a car this week and the two actually collided. Please remind your children about how to cross safely and ensure they understand not to run out between parked cars.


Have a great weekend


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

Happy New Year - Welcome Back!


Dear Parents,


Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely festive break with your families.

The children have made a wonderful start to the term and have settled back in to the school routines and expectations with renewed enthusiasm and great resolutions.


The staff training day on Tuesday was about the new Mastery Maths and we had a trainer working with us to help us develop the approach that we began last term and that is making a real difference to children’s confidence and enjoyment in Maths already. Later this half-term we will be running a series of open mornings to enable parents to come in and see what happens in your child’s English and Maths lessons.

These winter evenings are a great time for sharing a story and reading together so please make the most of this opportunity and time to support your child’s reading for pleasure as well as for learning.


On Wednesday our new Kid’s Breakfast Club started with Mrs Helen Wiles being the Supervisor and Leader of the team that allows children to have some breakfast and fun in a safe and friendly environment before school. The children have been enjoying the resources and activities available to them before joining their friends when school starts. We have one or two spaces still available for this term but you can pre-book and reserve your place for next half term now. Existing users have first preference for the places we have available.


On the back of the Newsletter is the letter that we received from The Quality Mark Team upon our award at the end of last term of the Basic Skills Quality Mark. We are very proud of achieving this award as it reflects the school’s strong commitment to ensure that all children learn to read, write and use and apply maths. I am sure that you will join with me in thanking and celebrating the hard work of all staff at the school that are part of the team that made this possible.


I would ask that children wear school shoes as part of their uniform, trainers are not acceptable footwear.


Please remember that I am always available to listen and meet with you to help you solve any issues or questions you may have, including when we don’t get things right but it is also good to hear what we are doing well and if you are able to put this in writing this makes it easier to share with the staff.


Have a great weekend!


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas 1

What a wonderful end to the Term.

There cannot be many schools where Father Christmas arrives on a Tank but that is just a symbol of one of the many things that make Bovington such a special school.

At the centre of the garrison community of Bovington, the tanks that surround us are a metaphor for the resilient emotional armour that we foster in our pupils to help them thrive and develop healthy attachments and relationships. We ensure that we celebrate Christmas in style so that every child can take away experiences and memories where they are valued individually and develop feelings of being part of the collective community and family of the school. 

The Christmas productions were wonderful and the singing, at the school, in the Memorial Hall and at the Tank Museum was amazing. Thank you to everyone that helped make this such a memorable Christmas. It was worth it.

Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

December 2016


Friday 25 November 2016


This week there is the really exciting news that the school has achieved the award of the Primary Quality Mark for its commitment to ensuring that all children are effectively taught the Basic Skills of reading, writing and maths. This is something that the Middle Leadership Team at the school have been working on for about a year and reflects what the school has been doing in phonics, reading, writing and maths. We know there is more to do and you will have begun to see the impact of children beginning to borrow library books and of our new approach to maths teaching at parents evening. Well done to all staff involved but also to the whole staff of teachers and teaching assistants who work so hard to ensure that children make progress in these areas. Thank you to you too, because one of the many strengths identified by the quality assurance assessor, was the quality of communication and partnership between school and with parents.

A Governor has this week been working with myself and our SENCO to audit our Safeguarding and Child Protection systems and I am pleased to also tell you that this remains a real and significant strength of the school. On a similar note, if you have to register into school you will note that we have a new and improved touch screen registration system that will I hope be both more user friendly and ensure even more site security.

This has been National Road Safety Awareness Week and children have been encouraged to think about keeping themselves safe on the roads and also the danger of fast vehicles around pedestrians. Please can I ask you to also remind your children to walk and ‘scoot’ safely and ask that you drive and park safely around the school. Thank you.

Dorchester Class, were fantastic with their American themed open assembly that was both full of information and fun and showed just what else they have been learning besides the Basic Skills.

Well done Izzy who came to me to ask if she could continue to raise money for her charity and for the school Bronze ambassadors through the sale of the Loombands that she had made. I think we have a future business entrepreneur in the making here judging by the roaring trade she has been doing and hopefully that will inspire others to set up and lead similar projects.

Finally, the school is full of music and singing as rehearsals for Christmas have now earnestly begun to get into gear. You can already begin to feel the excitement and buzz of the children as we enter their favourite time of year.


Kris Winthorpe

Head teacher


Wednesday 19th October

Book at Bedtime.

Thank you to all the parents and children that came and attended this event. It was lovely to see so many generations of family come to support this PTFA event.

It was a real success and helped us share our favourite Bedtime Stories along with a nice warming hot chocolate afterwards.

Thank you to all those parents and members of staff in the PTFA who made this event possible and thank you to the Reception / Year 1 children who shared their retelling of Owl Babies to close the evening.

Thursday 6th October 2016

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Harvest Arts Cafe today - we really hope you all enjoyed looking at the amazing art work produced by our children, to celebrate the seasons of Harvest and Autumn. It was a great time to share in the life of the school, and for parents and friends to catch up over a coffee. Here are a selection of photos just in case you missed it!






Weds 5th October 2016

Today the whole school walked up to the Garrison Church where we celebrated Harvest together. Padre Tony spoke to us about being thankful, especially at this time of year, and remembering all the hard work that goes on 'behind the scenes' in order to get food into the shops and onto our tables. The children sang beautifully and some of our Year 6 children read poems and prayers. We all felt very proud to be a part of Bovington Primary School.


20th September 2016

The PTFA meeting was well attended last week with some really good events and activities planned for the children and families in the year ahead.

This Monday the teachers began teaching using the new Maths No Problem scheme and it has been good to see how the children are responding to using the quality text books.


13th September 2016

Today we had great fun with Roald Dahl day. The children came dressed up as characters from his books and had great fun learning about his life and his stories. Mr and Mrs Twit made an appearance in the assembly. I think there was a lot of chocolate involved in many classes. It was just one of the days that is special at Primary School.

12th September 2016

Today we launch our new school website.

A lot of work has gone into creating a site that we can grow and add to over the year ahead. It will be good to get some contributions from the children.

Last week was a great start to the new school year. The children made a really settled transition into their new year groups and are really looking forward to the learning ahead.