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Thursday 11th July - French Day - French themed mufti Day

Purbeck Cup Football League

Purbeck Cup Results so far.....

Purbeck Cup Results so far..... 1

Bovington Primary Vs St. Mary's Swanage

Football League Match Vs Swanage St. Mary’s – 11th October


Playing at home is always an advantage, and going into the match we definitely felt like we needed one! Swanage St. Mary’s have great sports teams and last year we lost badly to them in the Purbeck Football Cup. However, I was surprised by how enthusiastic, positive, hopeful and supportive of one another the Bovington team were today. Captained by Harley and with Liam in goal, we started off really well, scoring our first goal after approximately 10 minutes! Liam was kept busy however with some amazing strikes from St. Mary’s with a few near misses – especially when one was nearly an own goal. Bovington quickly got into their stride however, with accurate passes, good communication and excellent footwork and tackling. When Jay came onto the pitch in strike, he scored within a couple of minutes. Most of the strikers and mid fielders were able to score today – each setting each other up for a great opportunity. St. Mary’s were relentless however and kept putting pressure on us all the way through the match. By the end of the first half we were 4-0 up. Harley scored a hat-trick in the second half, making his total 4. Liam also scored, followed by a second from Jay to end the match at a final score of 11-0 to Bovington. What a win!! Well done, you made us very proud today!