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Welcome back........ The children have all made a fantastic and settled start to the new school year

Primary Leadership Academy

Primary Leadership Academy:

There are currently 12 Bronze Young Ambassadors in years 5/6 at Bovington Primary School. They have all attended a full day of training at The Purbeck School which included learning warm up and cool down activties, planning on ways to help their school lead healthy active lifestyles and how to help others engage in sports activities at lunchtime.


The roles and responsibilities of the Bronze Young Ambassadors are:

·         To increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their school.

·         To promote the positive values of sport in and through sport.

·         To be an ambassador and role model advocating PE and school sport.

·         To be the young people’s voice on PE and school sport in their school.




1. Melissa Halkerston (6)

7. Justin Page (5)

2. Mia Dove (6)

8. Jamie Bland (5)

3. Evan Webber (6)

9. Liam Bateson (5)

4. Aleesha Upshall (6)

10. Harley Everiss (5)

5. Joe Williams (6)

11. Mya Burnie (5)

6. Ashley Cope (6)

12. Madison Myers (5)