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Last day of term - Tuesday 23rd July finishing at 1.15pm

Performance information.

On this page you will find information and links about pupil performance information.


The contextual reality for the school is one of high pupil mobility. In 2017-2018 mobility was 46% and routinely only a third of the children that start in Reception make it all the way through the school to KS2. Last year, just over a half of the children that took SATs assessments in the school at KS1 also took them at KS2.

Whilst the school is working hard to ensure that every single pupil that comes to Bovington Primary makes good progress whilst they are at the school, for school accountability purposes, the school has moved to a model where the data of the pupils that were in the school from assessment point to assessment point is used to support school improvement planning.

This means that there is a difference from the 'Headline' data visible in Performance Tables and the reality of the data for the children that have been actually at the school.

As with all schools we are working to improve educational outcomes for pupils and the areas that we have done less well in feature as priorities in our school development plan for the year ahead.