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PE & Sports Premium

PE and Sport Premium

Primary School PE and Funding at Bovington Primary School 2015-2016


This is now the third year of the funding which is being utilised by the school to maximise achievement in PE and sport. It is intended that the school will spend this funding on a number of strategies to increase children’s participation, enjoyment and success in sporting activities, as well as increase the sporting opportunities provided for the children.


Last year we received £9,378 and the funding was primarily used to employ a specialist sports coach to deliver the games curriculum to all classes within the school. The sports coach attended regular training sessions and courses alongside the PE co-ordinator as a member of the school staff. This meant that children were receiving high quality teaching from a subject specialist and teachers and teaching assistants were receiving practical CPD as they were required to support the coach. The other part of the funding was used to buy into the Purbeck School Sport Partnership which was a calendar of competitive inter-school events organised and run primarily by the Purbeck School and its students. This programme was mainly aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 to give them increased opportunities to experience competitive sport. These competitions occurred on a nearly weekly basis and a number were aimed at encouraging girls into sport, with festivals and competitions that were girls only. These were hugely popular as the girls weren’t embarrassed about being watched by boys and it is a pleasure to report that a large number of girls have continued sport since joining secondary school in September. This package also included CPD opportunities for school staff in a range of sports to increase subject knowledge across the school. At least one member of staff attended all of these development opportunities. As a recommendation from Ofsted’s ‘Beyond 2012 – outstanding physical education for all’ document we attended a Young Bronze Ambassadors training course for the second year with a further 10 Key Stage 2 children, as it was found that ‘pupils’ achievement and enjoyment of school, including their personal development and well-being, were enhanced significantly by opportunities to train as junior sports leaders’. We now have 12 Young Bronze Ambassadors at our school, each of whom contributes to the teaching, organisation and leadership of PE.


This year we received £9,104 and the funding has been used to pay for the sports coach once again because his impact on enjoyment, participation and attainment of pupils across the whole school has been outstanding. We have also bought into the Purbeck School Sport Partnership once again as the children reported that the range of opportunities last year was fantastic and they enjoyed all the events that were offered. However, after discussions with the Purbeck School they will be organising events aimed at all year groups, not just Upper Key Stage 2, including some inclusive events. After referring to the Ofsted document ‘Inspecting primary school PE and school sport: new funding’ we decided this would be the most effective way to impact on the students at our school.


The PE coordinator oversees all PE in the school to ensure every child is receiving quality teaching in all areas of PE, not just games and that children are participating enthusiastically across all year groups. She/he is often released to attend CPD opportunities, training and undertake observations of others and to support those who are not confident with teaching PE. Observations and assessment of PE in all Key Stages takes place each half term, where teachers and the sports coach are given detailed feedback and the opportunity to work alongside the PE coordinator or attend extra training to increase their subject knowledge. He/she works alongside others in the school (including the Young Bronze Ambassadors) to raise the profile of sport and healthy active lifestyles for the school.


In the Spring Term we take part in the biennial Sports Relief as well as other initiatives such as Race for Life which we will be participating in this year. In the Summer Term we always run a sports day for intra-school competition so children can share their talents and abilities with others or simply enjoy taking part. Children are split into teams and compete for a trophy. There are two sports, one for KS1 and one for KS2 so children are only racing against those of a similar age to promote equality and fair play. There is also a cup for the Sports Boy of the Year and Sports Girl of the Year, which can either be given to outstanding performances from sports day or sporting achievements from over the course of the whole academic year.


It is evident that since the Primary School PE and Funding was first introduced the enjoyment and participation of children has increased across the whole school. This can be measured by the number of children now signing up for extra-curricular sports clubs as well as attending sports events outside of school time. The enthusiasm shown by children when they know they have PE that day is exceptional, and the enjoyment can be seen on their faces during every activity within the session.

Bovington Primary School Sports Premium Funding Allocation and Accountability Report 2016-17