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Thursday 11th July - French Day - French themed mufti Day


Purbeck Education Partnership (PEP)

The Partnership is made up of 12 schools in the Purbeck area of Dorset that underwent the huge development and change due to the restructuring from a 3 tier, to a 2 tier education system in 2012.

The Partnership was formed to enable the schools to better communicate, share resources and to organize cross school activities that benefit and enrich all of the students school life.

The schools continue to work and collaborate together and develop and share policies and common approaches to things like attendance.

The Royal Armoured Corp.

Bovington Primary School is situated outside the wire in the garrison between Allenby and Stanley Barracks. We have over half of our pupil population with a parent or carer that is in the services and we have worked hard to develop our relationship with our military community to the benefit of all of our pupils.

The entire school visits the Garrison Church on Allenby Barracks at least three times a year and sing and celebrate Harvest Festival, Carols at Christmas and Easter worship in the church. Visits to the church also form part of the ongoing RE syllabus and we have established links whereby the military padre comes and leads assembly for us on a regular basis.

We have extended our use of the indoor swimming pool on Stanley Barracks so that from 2016 all children in Key Stage 2 are taught swimming for a term each year.

We have built links with the local military stables and take small groups for sessions of Riding for the Disabled each week.

We are very appreciative of the support that our military community gives to us that helps us offer these great opportunities to the pupils at the school.

The Tank Museum.

We are also extremely fortunate to have the incredible world renowned Bovington Tank Museum literally within walking distance down the road from our school site. The Tank Museum has many briefs amongst which is work in education and with schools. We have been fortunate to negotiate a partnership with the museum whereby we have been able to literally build access to the resource of the museum in as part of our curricular provision.
In practice this means that there will be classes and children from the school utilising the Tank Museum for part of work from the theme of emotional resilience through to history, science, technology, art and design.
We also collaborate with the Tank Museum where we can and it is planned for the school choir to sing at the Tank Museum Christmas festival again this year. We will also be contributing to the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Tank Museum in Autumn.