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Parent views

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On this page you will find information from parental surveys and details of how to give us feedback. 

We love to hear when we get it right or do things well but we understand that there may be times when you feel that you need to make a complaint. Details of how to this can also be found below.

We are constantly striving to be and do the best we can for all our children and families- thank you for your feedback.

Above you will find a link to OFSTED's Parent View.

We are asking parents and carers to add their views and responses to the areas surveyed.

This is a way of giving feedback to other parents, to us and to OFSTED about your view about our school. 


If you have a concern or a complaint I would ask you to use our process for the internal management of concerns and complaints first and, if after you have exhausted the school processes, you feel that you remain unsatisfied then you may wish to use the link below to record your points.

In a similar way if there is something that you think the school has done very well or that you feel needs to be noted to a wider audience you may wish to also log your points below.

Bovington Parent Survey Winter 2018