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Making a complaint

We try very hard to ensure that the service we offer to children and to parents and carers meets very high professional standards. We understand there may be times when we don't get it right or that perhaps we could improve in respect of something we have done or an aspect of our provision.

In such cases it is important that we listen to your feedback and address the concern as quickly as possible. To do this we ask that you bring the matter to the relevant person who will seek to address the concern or complaint.

In the first instance and if it relates to your child then the matter should be brought to your child's class teacher. The teacher will discuss this with their Phase Leader and you may wish to escalate the matter by meeting with them too.

If you are still not happy you may wish to arrange a meeting with a Senior Leader.

The Head teacher is usually always available to see parents, but it is often best if concerns or complaints have been sought to be addressed at a lower level before going to the Head teacher.

The Head teacher will usually always be able to address concerns and/ or complaints. Should you need to escalate your complaint further if you feel that it has not been resolved please refer to the complaints policy below.

Below is a management hierarchy for parents/ carers to consider when looking for the appropriate level to discuss and meet to address a concern or complaint.

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