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We hope you all have a wonderful and restful Easter - School re-opens 23rd April 2019

Lower Key Stage 2: Y3 & Y4

To say we had the BEST DAY EVER would be an understatement! What a wonderful experience going to Marwell Zoo was! According to one child's Fitbit we walked 19,000 steps which equates to roughly 15km and, to be honest, I believe it! The children were amazing and not once over the 5hours of walking, did they complain! The day literally flew by! But what is there to complain about when you are off to find: rhinos, giraffes, red pandas, sloths, zebras, snow leopards, pygmy hippos, leopards, cheetahs (who were selfishly hiding!), tigers, wallabies, snakes AND freaky head spinning owls! And then, for good measure, we had a handling session where we learnt more about the animals at Marwell, got to stroke a GIANT stick insect and a rat! We did wonder if it was Rodger? It was lovely to hear the children being able to show off what they had learnt about : herbivores and carnivores, invertebrates and vertebrates and endo- and exoskeletons. Not to mention hearing their comments when seeing a real (dead) crocodile, turtle, python and various skeletons. We had a host of wonderful adults that helped to make this day possible and to them I give a heart felt THANK YOU! You made this a day that the children in Yr 3/4 will remember forever!

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! How about you? You? You? We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! (Challenge: can you spot the sloth?

This term our topic is Our Wild World. Please take a look at all the other fabulous learning we will be doing this Spring term.

It is with a sad and heavy heart that we bid farewell to Miss Osborn and Mr Hay today! We will miss you both terribly and wish you every happiness and success for the future. You have helped us to create such happy memories and we thank you for the bottom of our hearts for that! GOOD LUCK!


We thus welcome Mr  Boucher (who we know very well!)  We look forward to working with you and know you will help us all achieve great things. 

LKS2 will be doing a mini version of The School of Rock for the Christmas Musical. Because of this, pupils need to wear their school uniform for the production. They may borrow a tie if they wish.

Many thanks for your support.

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For those who missed our Stay and Rock (and bonds and Number facts), please find a copy of the PPP delivered to parents. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the class teachers if you have any queries.

Over the term we have been looking at WW1 and WW2 poetry, what we can learn from it, performing it and finally, writing our own. On Wednesday we spent time with an actress who taught us more about WW1 and helped us to perform poems in different ways. At the end of the day, all the classes in KS2 performed what they had learnt. It was incredibly moving.








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Thank you to all who attended our Stay and Vocabulary on Thursday. We hope that it gave some useful insight into how we teach your child new vocabulary that they will come across in during their literacy and topic sessions. Unsurprisingly, the children are using these words in their writing as well, which is very exciting. 

For those who missed out and would like to see what we did:

Lulworrrrrrrrf Cove was awrrrrrrsome!


An awesome day of pirates, rocks, fossils, acting, sketching, drawing maps AND all in the beautiful Dorset sunshine. Fun was certainly had by all of Weymouth Class. Thank you to all who helped out and made our day so amazing!

Meet the team:

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Meet the team: 2
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Things to note:

  • PE is on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday  depending on the carousel.
  • Children will read daily.
  • Children can change their books daily and will go to the library once a week.
  • Homework will be handed in on a Thursday and handed out on a Friday.
  • There will be a spelling test every Thursday.
  • Swimming is on a Friday
  • Timestable test once a week

Forth coming events:

22.01.19: Stay and (tbc)

01.01.19: Kimmeridge assembly

05.02.19— Marwell Zoo

15.02.19: break up