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Bovington Primary School

Curiosity Growth Resilience.

Last day of term - Tuesday 23rd July finishing at 1.15pm

I can Animate

For our topic/homework we were challenged to create a stop-motion animation; which is linking a series of photos together to assemble a mini movie.  Our inspiration was Wallace and Gromit, because that’s how that cartoon was created. We worked in groups using all different types of: material, paper, paints, e.c.t. At home we each prepared our homework to bring in on Wednesday 28th February  (2 weeks after we were given the task).

                   On Wednesday, we were given the opportunity to have the morning and afternoon to operate the new app we had, had downloaded for us – to produce our stop-motion animation-.  We used ipads and our models to film with . Everyone enjoyed completing this perfect project, and it was really incredible to see what was actually possible in making a stop-motion animation!!!

         By  Jayme Hall, Tonia Lamenyuy,

                                                         Rebecca Moran   and  Libby Manning