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Bovington Primary School

Curiosity Growth Resilience.

Last day of term - Tuesday 23rd July finishing at 1.15pm



Our school of just over 300 pupils has a diverse population with just over 70% of pupils with Pupil Premium. (56%Service Pupils/ 14% FSM & 1% LAC) in a semi-rural context of historical low aspirations. Amongst this population are also children from high aspiration and professional families making for a rich and inclusive vibrant school. Pupil numbers constantly fluctuate and last year mobility was 46%.

At Bovington, we avoid labelling our pupils but take time to get to know them really well to understand their backgrounds and their individual needs. We recognise that for some pupils it is the intersectionality of several complex factors that generates barriers or challenges for them in thriving at our school.

Just over a third of the pupil population are on our SEND register with 2/3 of these having Social Emotional Mental Health Needs having experienced the challenges of moving schools, reforming friendships and coping with significant changes and challenges. In addition, many of our children face the common barriers for PP children of less support at home, weak language and communication skills, and lack of confidence, more frequent behaviour difficulties, or attendance and punctuality issues. There may also be complex family situations that prevent children from flourishing. The challenges are varied and there is no “one size fits all”.  To this end we have adapted our provision and curriculum offer to ensure that our school is designed to support the needs of these pupils and all the pupils that come to Bovington.