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Curiosity Growth Resilience.

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Behaviour and well being

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Governors statement of behaviour principles.

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour training for staff September 2017

At Bovington we take children's personal development and well being very seriously.

Our approach to Safeguarding is very robust to keep children safe but we recognise that an important part of this is building emotional resilience and character. To this end we are proactive with our approaches to developing attitude and behaviour that is best to support learning, respect the rights of others and to positively get on with others.

We understand that children test boundaries and this is how they learn so we have high expectations for behaviour but we also teach children to take responsibility for their actions and support them to resolve problems and issues when they arise.



Respect and listen to others

We have the right to listen to others and be listened to.

We have the responsibility to let others speak and have their turn.


I am responsible for my choices and behaviour.

We have the right to make our own choices and to learn from our mistakes in a way that does not upset us.

We have the responsibility to think about others around us and be aware how our behaviour affects them.


Growth and resilience

We have the right to learn from our mistakes and be helped to develop a growth mindset.

We have the responsibility to make the most of the opportunities that we are offered. We need to have grit and keep going, be resilient and not give up.


Hardworking, helpful, high expectations

We have the right to be happy and to learn.


We have the responsibility not to waste time and complete work.


Trust and be honest

We have the right to be trusted.

We have the responsibility to tell the truth.


Safe work and play.

We have the right to feel safe in school.

We have the responsibility to be gentle to other people.

Its called Respect- Rap lyrics

Behaviour assembly- An assembly about choices.

We have recently reviewed our Behaviour and Anti-bullying policies. Both are fully interrelated and in the folders below.