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Answers to common questions?

At our school we have lots of children that have moved from other schools.

We asked some of our children from Service families what fears they had when they first started. We hope you find the most common questions and answers below useful if you are about to start our school.


Will I have the right school uniform?

All the information about school uniform can be found on the uniform page in the Parents section. You can see the uniform when you visit the school to look around. Uniform can be ordered online and delivered to your home before you start.


How will I make friends?

On your first day we will find a Buddy for you who will look after you and show you around the school. Lots of children will want to play with you and you will soon make friends. Lots of people have been in the same situation as you so they know how you feel and our adults are very helpful.


Will the school work be tricky or will I have done it before?

This is a good question because we want to challenge our children through our high expectations but don't worry we will make sure that you get the support. Just make sure that you ask for help. We follow the National Curriculum but we try and make our curriculum exciting with local trips in Dorset, creative opportunities and fantastic PE, cutting edge Computing and Forest Schools. One thing we hope is that our curriculum is challenging, engaging and memorable.


What is the food like?

Our cooked food is tasty and fresh and the menu can be found on the parents page.


How do I get to school?

Most of our children walk, cycle and scoot but we have a school minibus that collects some children who live a bit further away.


What is the homework like?

We think that reading is important and we expect all children to read at least 5 times a week. Our older children also have home learning each week that is a mixture of english, maths and research and practice linked to what they are learning about in school.


Will there be naughty children?

We think that children can be trusted to behave themselves. We know that sometimes children test the boundaries and rules and we help them learn to understand the consequences of poor choices and think about what they could do better next time. Some times some children can be mean or hurtful to other children and the teachers and adults in the school make sure that all children are kept safe and if they are hurt the adults help the children to repair the relationships. The main job of the Head teacher is to keep the children safe and happy.