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Curiosity Growth Resilience.

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A welcome from the Headteacher.

Welcome to Bovington Primary School.


It is now my third year as Head teacher of Bovington Primary School. The past two years have seen many necessary changes made to move the culture of the school forward to now function as an effective Primary School. This year we will continue to deepen the impact of the new strategies we have introduced ito ensure that there is high quality teaching in the basic skills alongside the delivery of a broad and rich curriculum.


We now have a team of effective Middle Leaders that are responsible for raising standards through their leadership of the different phases and aspects of the school. Each professional has an understanding of how to secure good learning and progress appropriate to each child’s age and stage and will do their utmost best to ensure that every child succeeds. Our team are committed to the development of respectful relationships, good behaviour and positive attitude to learning in every single unique child in their care.


We have a very strong pastoral approach to support the social, emotional and mental health of our pupils. We see this as the foundation to ensure that children become emotionally resilient, self- reliant and able to strive and persevere through challenge to reach ambitious goals. Everyone at the school works hard to instil self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility in each child and toward others. We know that some of our children will or have faced tough times in their life so we work hard to offer these children a haven and to foster resilience and an attitude of grit to thrive. We are proactive and take the lead in multi-agency work to ensure that every child is kept emotionally and physically safe and that any needs, issues or concerns are fully addressed and resolved. We have developed and will continue to use strong partnerships with parents and carers to support children.


Furthermore, we provide opportunities for all children to blossom and grow as young people with the skills, intellectual curiosity and appetite to challenge and develop themselves. To do this we build a growth mindset in our learners so that when they face challenge, they expect to learn and to grow with confidence and also to persevere through failure onto finally mastery and success. This resilient and personal attitude is important as children apply the mastery learning that they come to possess to strive to reach for their next challenge.


I am proud to lead such a vibrant, diverse and unique school where pupils, staff, governors, parents and the school community together all work collaboratively towards striving to secure the best outcomes for each individual child. Our team will ensure your child is safe, happy and challenged through nurturing their curiosity, growth and resilience.


I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Kris Winthorpe BEd(Hons) NPQH
Head teacher

January 2018