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Bovington Primary School

Curiosity Growth Resilience.

Have a great summer break............see you on 6 September 2017...... Thank you for your tremendous support this year.....................................Voluntary donations collected on the last day of term went towards payment of the M & M Theatre Production of Treasure Island that all children recently watched.

A welcome from the Headteacher.

Welcome to Bovington Primary School.


It is my second year as Head teacher of this school. I am proud to lead such a vibrant and unique school where pupils, staff, governors, parents and the school community together share the highest of expectations and also work so hard and collaboratively together towards securing the best outcomes for all connected with the school.

At Bovington Primary, you will find a welcoming and purposeful environment centred on what makes a difference to support learning.  

The team of highly skilled professional educators here prioritise the development of respectful relationships, good behaviour and positive attitude to learning in every single unique child in their care.


Our approach sets out to build upon the experiences of each individual child to establish the foundations and pleasure for learning for life working in partnership with parents and carers. We ensure that there is engaging and enjoyable teaching of the basic skills alongside opportunities for learning that sparks curiosity and gives places for this knowledge and skill to be applied.


We have a very strong pastoral approach to everything we do that ensures that children are supported to become emotionally resilient.  Staff work hard to instil self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility for themselves and toward others. We know that some of our children face tough times in their life, whilst they are with us, so we work hard to offer the children at our school a haven that breaks downs barriers to learning. We provide opportunities for all children to thrive and grow as young people with the skills, intellectual curiosity and appetite to challenge and develop themselves further.


To this end we build a growth mindset in our learners so that they can face challenge with confidence; persevere through failure and develop resilience to apply the deep mastery learning that they come to possess to the next level.

Whilst we teach children the basic skills to communicate, read, write, code and calculate with confidence, enjoyment and a sense of intellectual curiosity and adventure, you will also find that our pupils enjoy the team work and challenges of sport and being outside balanced with the creativity, inspiration and highest standards of performance and application of the Arts. It is our ambition to help each child begin to explore and find their 'Element', the area that most excites their interest with the passion and drive to nurturing ambitions to push themselves forward. We build character and grit through the central place of academic studies combined with activity and sports. 


Our curriculum makes best use of our unique grounds and location in beautiful rural Dorset and we have good partnerships with and utilise the facilities on the nearby garrison camps to the benefit of all our pupils, for example, all our KS2 pupils learn to swim- service and non-service alike. In addition we have developed a partnership with the Tank Museum (across the road from us) so that our pupils are able to use this wonderful place as part of an exciting extended classroom and learning environment. We are a restless school that utilises new technology in exciting ways such as coding and robotics, provision such as drama and role-play with real audiences and purpose, active learning and rich sports experiences both inside and outside the classroom.


We are also a Rights Respecting School that takes seriously the development of an understanding of spiritual, moral and cultural values in our learners to help them take the steps towards growing into empowered and reflective British citizens.


Welcome to Bovington Primary School a distinctive place that nurtures curiosity, growth and resilience and were we are proud and confident to stand out through our distinctive approach that underpins our commitment to develop the highest standards for all.


I am looking forward to meeting you.

Kris Winthorpe  BEd(Hons) NPQH
Head teacher

September 2016