About Us

 Welcome to Bovington Primary School

At Bovington Primary School we attach great importance to providing a caring, supportive community in which parents, staff and governors can work together in the education of our children.
Our vision is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for children, staff, parents and the community, in which all pupils are valued and are inspired to learn. We aim to be a school that has high expectations of its pupils and the adults who work here and where there is high quality teaching and learning that is enjoyable, exciting and progressive, meeting the demands of the curriculum and challenging the individual child. We strive hard to be a school that equips children with the skills for their futures.
We aim to:
  • tailor the curriculum to individual interesting, needs and abilities
  • offer a wide range of exciting learning experiences
  • inspire life-long learning
  • develop a happy, caring and safe environment
  • encourage positive behaviour
  • celebrate and encourage everyone’s talents
  • foster independence, confidence and responsibility
  • value and respect everyone as individuals
  • work in partnership with parents and the community

Our children are actively involved in their own learning and improvement.  Assessment for learning is evident in all teaching areas with clear learning objectives and steps for success.

The School Council is a successful way for us to continually monitor how our children feel and the vision they have to ensure that our school remains an outstanding and enjoyable place to spend the first years of their educational life.

Bovington Primary School was founded in 1924 and moved into our current buildings in 1965.  We occupy a spacious two-storey building, which includes 8 classrooms, a library, music room, kitchen and a computer suite. We are fortunate to have super provision in terms of classroom and playground space, wooden adventure playground equipment and large grassed playing fields.

We are part of The Bindon Abbey Cluster of schools and work closely with the other Primary Schools in our locality, namely Bere Regis, both Wool schools, Winfrith and Lulworth. As we develop closer links with these schools we hope to offer our children a broader range of experiences and to help them to make friends with children in other schools whom they will meet in the next stage of their education.

We also work within the Purbeck Educational Partnership of schools and strive for continuity of education from primary school, to The Purbeck Upper School. Our children enjoy taking part in Partnership events such as music festivals and country dancing occasions.

The staff and governors believe that our close links with the community in and around the school help our children in their personal development. These links are too numerous to list fully, but include:

  • members of the community coming into school to talk to the children about life outside school, keeping safe and being valuable members of society;
  • children visiting local places of worship and taking part in special services such as at Salisbury Cathedral and the Garrison church;
  • children raising funds for charities e.g. The Shoe Boxes for children inTanzania, or poppy sales for The Haig Fund;